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Black HDPE. Suitable for the proteciton of most types of hydraulic, pnematic and industrial hose assemblies across a wide range of industries. Exceptional anti-crushing performance. High abrasion resistance. Good resistance to UV rays. Easy to fit- reduces risk of industrial injury. Operating temperature: minimum -65°C, continuous +90°C, max +100°C. Suitable for wrapping singel hoses or multiple-hose looms. Proven in arduous conditions. Conveniently coiled and packed in cartons for easy storage. Please request a sample to test the suitability of this product for your application. Supplied lengths and colours: Standard product packed in 20-metre coils. Also available in yellow. When ordering yellow, add ´Y´ as suffix to part number: for example SGX 75Y. • How to calculate quantity: Outside diameter of hose: Nominal diameter Spiralguard® (mm)x length (m) of hose to be covered.• Example: 25 m length of 40 mm diameter hose, select th spiralguard® product based on wrapping range SGX 40; 40 : 33 = 1,21 x 25 (mm) = 30 metres of Spiralguard® SGX-40

rendelési számbelső átmérőWrappping RangeHose Inside Diameter1-Wire2-WireMulti SpiralDash Sizemeters in the packagePrice for
SGX-12*99-13mm3/16"YesNoNo320m13812 HUF
SGX-161313,17mm1/4"YesYesNo420m15506 HUF
SGX-201616-22mm1/4"NoYesNo420m22280 HUF
SGX-25*2122-28mm1/2"YesYesYes820m29054 HUF
SGX-322727-33mm5/8"YesYesYes1020m35598 HUF
SGX-40*3333-44mm1"YesYesYes1620m53273 HUF
SGX-504444-65mm1 1/4"YesYesYes2020m90794 HUF
SGX-756565-902"YesYesYes3220m142849 HUF
SGX-9080Hose Looms 80mm-200mm20m186420 HUF

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